In the Beginning

Three weeks ago I was not aware that I was going to be embarking on an adventure.

I was very aware of a feeling of pervading boredom, of being unfulfilled despite having a great life by most standards. I live in London, the capital of the world by some accounts, I have a very good job, a nice flat and many wonderful friends who I love dearly. Despite all this good fortune, I found myself trying to explain this unsettled feeling to my brother on one of our long telephone conversations. I’m not sure I managed to quite express it as clearly as I could feel it. We moved on to other topics, and at some point Phil expressed dismay at the fact that his good friend Nathan was no longer going to be able to accompany him on the adventure motorcycling trip he has been planning for a long time.

This was not a light bulb moment. I did not immediately see the obvious. It was not until the next morning that the seed of an idea Phil had planted in me started to grow. By the afternoon of that day I had emailed my brother the following e-mail:

Hey Phil, 

So after our talk last night I have been thinking a lot about what you said about Nate not able to go on your road trip with you. So basically, if you want to go in August I am totally up for going with you. Let me know and if you’re keen I’ll learn to ride a motorbike. 🙂

Have a great day!

Jayne x  

His reply was succinct in true Phil fashion:

veeeeeery interrrresting. Then we could plan to hit some fun ulti tourneys along the way.
That was it. The beginning of a trans-continental adventure that I am sure will change our lives. There is a lot of planning to be done, my whole life has to change completely, but the unsettled, unfulfilled feeling has been replaced by excitement, all consuming thoughts and plans and anxious anticipation of the Ultimate Ride.