Male vs Female

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t tell if someone is a man or a woman? From babies to oversized “women” in the tube, it’s embarrassing not to be sure.

From when I picked up my new bike (a Yamaha YBR 125) I have not been sure whether it is male or female. This, among other reasons,  is why she has now been named Charlie.

I first asked my friends on Facebook what to call my new ride, and the suggestions ranged from “Dribbler” (this from my friend who has recently become a mother) to “Corporal Steel” (firmly a male name).

The name Charlie came from my friend Dave, when I complained that my bike was to small, shiny and fun to be called Corporal Steel. His reply was:

“Charlotte Coleman was small and shiny and cute. You could call it Charlie.”

I immediately loved the name. One small problem  “Charlotte who?” was my reply.

“Actress, played Hugh Grant’s kookie flatmate in “Four Weddings”…”

Perfect. This is how Charlie got her name. Even better, being an androgynous name, I can whine about Charlie being male if he ever plays up or is a pain in the bum. Can motorbikes catch man flu?


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