My Trusty Steed

Today I bought the bike I am going to ride to South America.

I had to get my agents (my parents) to do the transaction for me, however with the wonders of Skype I spoke to them soon after they picked it up. The man I bought it from lives in Northern Alberta, so he drove part way down to Calgary and met them in Red Deer.

My new bike is a 2006 KLR650. It’s not had any modifications done to it, so I have my work cut out for me when I get to Calgary.

Here she is strapped to my parent’s trailer.

My trusty steed being brought home in the snow

Now there’s just the small matter that I’m not actually qualified to ride it yet…


2 thoughts on “My Trusty Steed

  1. Great read so far. Been riding for 27 years and still have that “first time” feeling every spring when I can open the garage (rain in Vancouver, not snow like Calgary) and take the first ride. Check out if you haven’t already and see some of the epic trips of others. I agree with your choice of the KLR – way better value for this kind of trip. The “bike” bikes are nice – but the value just isn’t there and parts are not any easier to find. Good luck and will be watching!

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