Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Learning to ride is absolutely brilliant. Every time I go out I feel more confident and need to think less about the fundamentals, like shifting, and using the rear brake (although I still need to remember that one some more). However this weekend I learnt the truth about riding in the great British winter – it’s COLD.

My fingers have never been so frozen as they were this weekend. I grew up in Canada so that’s a pretty big statement! I was wearing thin gloves under my motorcycle gloves, and that was okay for the first five minutes or so, but then my fingers slowly started to solidify into blocks of ice. I’ve experimented with putting my ski mitts over the other two layers of gloves, which worked brilliantly on the heat front, kept the wind off my hands and my fingers toasty warm. Unfortunately they also restrict the thumb to finger spread, meaning that working the clutch and brake levers was a bit tricky. Amazingly the rest of me was okay – it really just was my hands that were a problem.

I wouldn’t have guessed that warm fingers were more important to me than freedom of movement, but it was that bad.

I’m going to need to come up with a system for keeping my digits toasty during the Ultimate Ride – heated gloves here I come!




2 thoughts on “Cold Hands, Warm Heart

  1. Heated grips are great, as well. Much better than heated gloves IMHO, just turn them off when you’re warm instead of stopping and changing gloves.

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