Drawing of the ultimate ride



Phil’s KLR

the flames make it faster

45000 km, rebuilt motor at around 40000, runs like a dream.

This is my KLR. Half the equation of the greatest trip to come.


Oh The Places You’ll Go…

Would you visit a city of 50,000 people that exists for only a week a year in the middle of the desert?

The Burning Man Festival (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burning_Man) is just such an event, and we are going there as part of our trip.

This video has not only increased my excitement at attending the festival, but I also drew many comparisons from the poem with our trip in general. The highs and lows of life reflected in a more specific endeavor – all expressed in the style of Dr Seuss.

We’ll have boots on our feet, and strangers to meet…

A mistake or the best decision I’ll ever make?

This week my boss asked me to accept a vice president role here in London. I declined.

I turned down a very good promotion because money and power are less important to me than expanding my horizons.

It’s amazing the range of reactions I get when I tell people my decision. Most people are excited for me and say something to the effect of “I wish I could do what you’re doing.”

However this week one of the senior vice presidents sat me down and told me what a mistake I was making by turning down this promotion. To him the money was more important than the chance for adventure. He thought a couple vacations a year were more than sufficient. I found it quite shocking to hear this opposite point of view. I almost felt like he was insulted that I was declining an invite to this “club” – that my values were so opposite to his own. Of course for a person with a family, a mortgage, and a strong desire for stability, priorities are different. Surprisingly my aunt also had a similar reaction – she thought I was being rash turning down such a good job.

In the end – a job is still a job. Still means travelling to the office every day and working. No matter how much you get paid for it or what your job title is – it’s not experiencing new cultures from the back of a kawasaki! This whole experience has focused my mind. It has proven to me that I am absolutely committed to this trip, and having that proven to me in such a extreme way can only be a good thing. As for whether my boss knowing my plan is a good thing – well watch this space…

The things we leave behind

With all the excitement about going on this epic adventure, it is easy to forget the things we leave behind.

For me, deciding to go on this trip means more than taking a leave of absence and being away from home for a few months. The changes I am making include selling my home, quitting my job, leaving some very dear friends and moving to a new continent.

I spent this Christmas with some very good friends in Switzerland. I won’t have the easy flights to short breaks in Europe anymore when I am back in North America. Seeing my European friends will become a very occasional treat rather than something I can book for a last minute weekend. I will miss the buzz of London, and the opportunities living here gives me.

Life does seem to be making my decision to go easier though. This past week my flat was burgled. I’ve lived there for 5 years and always felt very safe. Turns out no lock will keep the determined (or skilled) thief out. While nothing irreplaceable was stolen, the experience has shaken me, and I am choosing to take it as a sign that my time in Europe is at an end, and that now really is the time for a big change.