The things we leave behind

With all the excitement about going on this epic adventure, it is easy to forget the things we leave behind.

For me, deciding to go on this trip means more than taking a leave of absence and being away from home for a few months. The changes I am making include selling my home, quitting my job, leaving some very dear friends and moving to a new continent.

I spent this Christmas with some very good friends in Switzerland. I won’t have the easy flights to short breaks in Europe anymore when I am back in North America. Seeing my European friends will become a very occasional treat rather than something I can book for a last minute weekend. I will miss the buzz of London, and the opportunities living here gives me.

Life does seem to be making my decision to go easier though. This past week my flat was burgled. I’ve lived there for 5 years and always felt very safe. Turns out no lock will keep the determined (or skilled) thief out. While nothing irreplaceable was stolen, the experience has shaken me, and I am choosing to take it as a sign that my time in Europe is at an end, and that now really is the time for a big change.



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