Motorcycle Dominos

There’s a new game in town, a game that everyone loses other than the spectators. Motorcycle Dominos!

This happens when in a hurry and needing to park in a busy motorcycle bay, and squeezing into a space between two bikes that is only just big enough.

I played this game today, and successfully parked in a space that really wasn’t big enough. All this was fine, until it came time to leave. I had the bike on the centre stand (no room to lean on the side stand) and as I pushed it off the bike tipped and I only just caught the scooter next to me, before it crashed into the next bike, toppling the whole row of bikes.

There I was, with Charlie falling over against my leg, desperately holding on to the scooter – one slip and about 30 bikes would fall in a glorious and horrendous crash!

Luckily for me, and all the bikes, a nice city worker walking by heard my cries of distress and picked Charlie up so I could right the scooter. A quick check for damage (none, thank goodness) and away I rode.

Today’s lessons: Motorcycle Dominos is not for me – and best have someone around when you get in trouble to avoid disaster!



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