Motorcycle Meditation

My ride home from work today was diverted due to a pretty bad motorcycle collision.

It was on a tight corner that I haven’t quite got the hang of myself, where a lot of traffic is turning onto a road that leads to a tunnel under the river. My heart goes out to the rider who was injured (if not worse) and it has made me think again about how important it is to be vigilant at all times when riding.

I’ve been researching helmets again. I won’t get into the discussion on which one to buy in this post, I mention it because I came across a very interesting theory on’s helmet FAQ page:

“The act of riding is a form of meditation, because the concentration that’s required to safely ride a motorcycle tends to focus the mind in a way that eliminates other mental distractions that might interfere with the mission.

This creates a single-mindedness that, in effect, displaces the continuous stream of thoughts that normally flow through our consciousness.

Thoughts about what to eat, who to meet, and worries about the common stresses of everyday life, such as pressures from work and home, disappear from our minds during the ride, because the concentration that’s necessary to focus on the ride pushes those thoughts far into the background.

The result is that the mind becomes refreshed after a ride just like it would after a session of formal meditation or a relaxing vacation.” (

I had never thought about motorcycle riding in this way before, however it is very true. You have to focus on the road, other road users and pedestrians darting into traffic constantly. There is no time for daydreaming. On the days I ride into work, I am much calmer and more awake when I get to my desk compared to when I take the tube.

My annual season ticket for London public transport runs out on Thursday. Of course I am not going to renew it, I will pay for the days when I take public transport separately and try to ride in for my dose of daily meditation most days. It is one more sign that my days of 9-5 office working are nearly over. I have another viewing of the flat tomorrow, no offers yet so I hope this guy likes it enough to make an offer.

The flat selling is my biggest stress at the moment. I really would prefer to have someone purchase it before I fly back to Canada to start trip preparations in earnest. If you know anyone who would like a modern two bedroom flat in Greenwich – please send them this link.   


2 thoughts on “Motorcycle Meditation

  1. Hi, my name is Colton nistler and I wanted to tell you that I’m loving your blog. My brother Noah told me to check it out. First of all, I think it’s awesome that you are doing this ride. I am reading a book right now that might help you very much. It’s called: “two wheels through terror, diary of a south American motorcycle odyssey.” it’s written by a man named glen heggstad who rode his Klr 650 from California to the southern tip of south America. He gets captured in Columbia by rebels looking to get ransom money. Long story short, when finally released he decides to continue his journey. My brother, myself, and two friends will be doing a north American adventure this summer around the same time that you will be in Canada. We are riding the continental divide trail from the border of Canada to the border to Mexico. We will be raising money for a friend that is battling cancer and I’m happy to read your blog because I’m hoping to blog our ride to raise the money. Second, we have more things in common as I will be attending Burningman for my third year in a row! If you haven’t been yet, I know that you will not be disappointed. It’s a magical place to be for a week. And I feel that my life has changed in Sooo many good ways because of Burningman and the people that go. Sorry this has been such a long messege, but I feel like it needed to be said. I’m very familiar with Klr 650 and know that you made the right choice of a bike. Feel free to ask any questions as i would love to talk more with you about this ultimate adventure!

    • Hi Colton,
      Thanks for commenting and for the recommendation. We’re really excited to hear that you are also planning an adventure and that you are going to Burning Man too. It would be great if we could meet up at some point on our journeys. I will find that book as soon as I can. I finally get to “meet” my KLR in May – I’m sure I will have loads of questions for you after that!
      Let us know what your blog is when you start it.


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