Packing Ten Years of My Life

I had no idea how much things weigh.

My mother and father spent this weekend at my house helping me sort through and pack up my entire life. We only made it through 1.5 rooms in two days.

The average box we packed today weighs just over 10 kilograms. I am trying to bring a maximum of 319 kilograms with me back to Canada. How do I reduce almost my whole adult life into 319 kilograms?

It’s about being ruthless, learning to sell things on ebay, and being very generous to the charity shops.

With only one more Monday in the office, two days in Prague, six days in Portugal, and less than a month left in the UK, it’s starting to be crunch time.

At the rate we packed this weekend, I have at least three more full days of packing and sorting to do. It’s likely that once I’ve done that I’ll need to reduce my luggage further. Then there’s the all important decision of whether to take my Walnut, 1920s art deco dressing table with me.

Will decide when I find out what it weighs. Phil would tell me to leave it, it won’t fit on the bike! He’s right about that, and the fact that we will have to live on a lot less while on the trip does keep crossing my mind.

What I need is a way to find a balance between not getting rid of everything I will need when I return back to a normal life, but also not keeping things I don’t need.

And perhaps a really good scale.


Monday Afternoon Fever

Phil and I took another important step towards our departure today by getting stabbed.

Luckily the girl doing the stabbing was very attractive (according to Phil) and was stabbing us with needles, not a knife! To enter Panama and various other countries if you’ve been to Panama you need proof that you have had the Yellow Fever vaccination. It’s “only” £50 here in the UK ($125 in Canada) so we used my lunch hour to its best advantage and now we are medically qualified to enter Panama.

The injection was painless, despite my fears (I don’t really like getting injections) and I’m hoping we don’t get any bad side effects.

Yellow Fever Certificate

A very important little yellow booklet

New Header Picture

We’ve finally been able to change our header picture to something motorbike related rather than a random picture of us in sailor’s garb.Yay!

A few comments about our new header.

1. Yes we are both standing in the picture – I am not short (180cm/5ft11) Phil is just very, very tall.

2. The picture of my bike is fuzzy and backwards. I will rectify this when I finally am in the same country and get to ride it!

3. We all beg Phil to cut his hair. He hears it on a daily basis. He has promised to cut it all off before we leave on the Ultimate Ride.

…it begins…

I’m in London!! With Jayne!! Doing trip “planning”!!

It really does feel like this is the beginning of the trip. We haven’t actually seen each other since Jayne signed on to this adventure last year.

Tomorrow we’re going for a cruise over to Nan’s to see the family. I’ll be sure to get some photo’s of us crammed on Jayne’s little Yamaha and post them up.

It begins… 🙂