Falling for me

I learnt yesterday that I am not able to pick up my bike on my own. This message was reinforced today… My bike is falling for me and it has to stop!

You may ask how I learnt this? Great question!

The good news is that yesterday I PASSED my motorcycle road test. WOO HOO!!! I was a bit nervous that I would roll through a stop sign or fail to stop for a pedestrian (both automatic fails) but I managed to drive properly and only get 20 points taken off (you fail if you have more than 75 deducted).

Basking in the glow of knowing one more major hurdle has been negotiated, we had some friends over for dinner last night. Our guests included Nathan, one of Phil’s oldest friends. Nate has been riding bikes for over a decade and while showing off my bike, I mentioned that Phil was threatening to push my bike over when he saw it to see if anything breaks and make sure I can pick it up. Nate got a glint in his eye and before I knew it the bike was on its side and I was being instructed to pick it up. (To be fair he didn’t push it over, he laid it down quite gently.)

I gallantly followed the instructions from my course last week. Crouch down, get your butt under the seat, grab the handlebars with one hand and the back of the bike with the other, stand up. It all went brilliantly until the “stand up” bit. I could barely move it. I certainly didn’t even come close to picking it up. Oh dear.

Just to make sure I couldn’t pick it up on my own, I gave myself an opportunity to try again this afternoon. I got my brand new license plate this morning, and after installing it on the bike, I took the bike for my first ride around the block. I was reminded how big this bike is compared to my little Yamaha and also how loud and rough. I understand why they are referred to as “thumpers”. While stopping at a stop sign I felt like the bike was about to stall, and in my attempt to rescue the situation, I put my right foot down on the road. The road was a lot further than I was expecting! Those extra few inches were enough to throw the bike off balance, and it being so heavy, down it went.

This experience allowed me to perfect my “helpless female in distress” technique, which involved pathetically trying to lift the bike and getting nowhere. A nice burly man in a pick up truck stopped and picked it up for me. Oh the shame.

My plan now is to develop a training programme where I use the bike as a weight, and do some squats with it. I hope that if I concentrate on it, I will strengthen the muscles in my legs and the bike will become light as a feather. Also probably as soon as I can pick it up, the bike will stop falling for me.



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