One Week Until Lift Off

I’m starting to panic. Not an all out “the world’s coming to an end” panic, more a gentle feeling in the pit of my stomach. In a week I am getting on my motorbike and driving to Vancouver. Then Phil and I are starting a 35,000km adventure. I am not ready!

The racks that will hold my panniers onto my bike have not arrived. I don’t have a mosquito net. I have not yet attempted to change a tire on my bike. The lid of my tool tube fell out and I have not yet figured out how to stop that from happening again. I just sent my seat off to the middle of nowhere to be rebuilt. The list is endless.

I met Phil in Sicamous last week. It was the first time our bikes had been together.

Cricket, meet Phil’s bike.

It gave Phil a chance to ride my bike (who I have now named Cricket), and gave both of us the opportunity to ride for 5 hours each way and get used to our bikes on the long haul. I was riding on a borrowed Corbin seat. I wasn’t comfortable. This is why my seat has now been sent away for improvements.

Before the trip I did quite a lot of work on my bike, and I will do a separate post soon about all the modifications I have completed. This has been how you’ll find me a lot of the time.

Rocking those coveralls. And yes, I have a cushion in my workshop.

I also learnt how to make vinyl stickers.

Look at all those beautiful stickers! (Thanks Silvana for the great design!)

It’s the 100th Calgary Stampede at the moment, so there’s lots of fun distractions to be had around here. I’m trying to balance that with the need to put my new steel brake cable on, and find time to change my tires, sprockets and chain.

My friend Trish came to visit with her husband so this weekend the Stampede won.


I have to admit, I am enjoying juggling between being a mechanic, a friend, a cowgirl, a sticker producer and a world adventurer. Those butterflies in my stomach are a good thing – will help me prioritise getting myself and the bike ready for the Ultimate Ride. (Even though procrastinator is my middle name…)




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