How did you get here?

no really, please tell us how. Our blog seems to be directing some people to this, the old blog, and not to our new one. You know, the one we actually update with stuff.




6 thoughts on “How did you get here?

  1. For me…it’s actually a bit more obvious…or maybe not. I’ve been watching the developments for while, but usually after trying to find my own videos / posts / internet stuff by googling “steede” since that is my last name and at some point you mentioned “new steed” in a post and every so often I google my stuff and find your blog again…I love it, and all that your are doing. I’m a motorcyclist myself and love reading your blog – I have a close relationship with my sister also though she doesn’t ride a bike – so hoping to live vicariously through your adventures…keep the rubber side down and hope you keep posting / sharing! Thanks and good luck!

  2. I searched Google for “wordpress motorcycle adventure” (without the quotes) and this site was #7 on the first page. I’ll check out your new site.

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