About Us

This Canadian brother and sister duo have spent the past ten years living on different continents. Both passionate about travel and adventure and keen Ultimate Frisbee players, they are reunited and about to embark on the Ultimate Ride.


Older sister, world traveller and adventurer – Jayne lived in London, England from 2001 – 2012. She bought her first motorcycle in October 2011 (2007 Yamaha YBR125) and her second (2006 Kawasaki KLR650) two months later.


Age: 30

Years motorcycling: Less than 1

Years playing competitive Ultimate: 4

Countries visited: More than 40


The more experienced motorcyclist and more talented Ultimate player, the Ultimate Ride has been on Phil’s list of things to do for several years. Phil lives in Vancouver, Canada and works as an Emergency Room nurse. Phil currently owns two motorcycles (KLR650 and Suzuki GS450t (my first bike, though not in service for past, oh, 8 years))


Age: 28

Years motorcycling: 10

Years playing competitive Ultimate: 6

Countries visited: at least 2, at most 21.

Jayne and Philip


7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Just met Jayne last night at the Fire pit in Mt. Pleasant; your upcoming BIG ride adventure totally captured my imagination and brings to mind my own (earlier) globe-trotting adventures — and makes me want MORE! I’ll definitely follow you two on your blog and tell lots of folks about it too! WOW!

  2. Hi Jayne. I’m loving your determination to be on top of everything involving this ride. I’m surprised that you can make the time to write so much about it. It’s been great entertainment for me. Anyways, myself and three others will be riding the continental divide through the U.S. only. I was wondering when you expect to be heading into the U.S. to do that. I’m assuming that your planning on going straight from the divide to Burningman, and then back to the divide. We will be starting our ride around the 7th of July. It will be so awesome if our paths cross. But if they don’t, I’ll let you know where I will be camping at Burningman. I would love to talk bikes with you and your brother.

    • Hi Colton!

      We’re starting our ride near the end of July, and heading up to Prudhoe Bay then back down through Calgary to Burning Man. We’ll probably rush through the Calgary to Nevada section in just a few days – we’ve both seen a lot of the Northern states already. We will let you know our progress for sure.

      At Burning Man we are part of the Yummy RUMInations camp. Not sure where it’s going to be in BRC but once again, we’ll let you know and make sure we meet up there!

      Our email address is ultimateride.ca_AT_gmail_DOT_com


      PS – Not having a job is the secret to being able to write. In fact I feel that I should be writing more. I’m working on that.

    • Hey Colton!
      We’ll have to meet up at the burn for sure! Planning on leaving our bikes off playa somewhere (maybe Cedarville or Gerlach) to avoid the tedious post-burn cleaning/maintenance marathon on our bikes. That dust gets EVERYWHERE. Perhaps we’ll ride together for a a bit after leaving “home”, or at least meet up and stare at each others motorcycles for a bit.


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