How did you get here?

no really, please tell us how. Our blog seems to be directing some people to this, the old blog, and not to our new one. You know, the one we actually update with stuff.




Life for sale! Free obo.

Got rid of a LOT of stuff today, and almost 4 tanks of gas worth in the donation jar too (though most importantly: got rid of a LOT of stuff). It was a very successful “free” garage sale.

The hurtful part is when people say “no wonder it’s free. All this stuff is garbage!”

No haggling, no tending to my stuff, no worrying someone might grab something and run off. In fact I quite liked it when they did that. There was a gas money jar on the table in case people felt compelled to donate. Many did! I tried to be sure to thank them all. Some snuck away.

I met a lot of my neighborhood. Many kids during the day. Some interesting characters at night.

Got to chatting with my neighbor Otto for awhile early on. He helped me out by taking a lot of my old belongings. So much so that I got to give him one of my many reusable bags! If you see someone wearing a bunch of my clothes, that’s Otto. You might not recognize him though, he picked up one of my wigs too. Otto even took the Leafs jersey. And brought me a popsicle! Thanks Otto!

Another interesting character was Jakko.

Nice tie Jakko!

Jakko first stopped by at the table and called into the garage to see if I had any vinyl or record players. I didn’t. But we got to talking, he offered me a beer, and next thing you know I’ve given him a goalie stick, some art off the wall (he loved it Amy!), and a suit Jacket and tie. The tie was a great touch, but he’d never worn one before. 10 minutes later, I had taught Jakko to tie a beautiful double windsor! He was even able to get it all home on his bike (some zip-ties for the goalie stick was the trick.)

Later I gave some more zip-ties to these folks to attach my old Trader Joe’s basket to a bike rack.

come into the light.

Out celebrating French independance day, these folks perused the table for awhile, eventually taking a fair bit of my life home with them. Kind people you meet when you have a “FREE” sale.

The number of times I heard “Free? well you can’t beat that price!” today was… 2. But i’m sure everyone else was thinking it.

Please don’t take the table. It’s borrowed.

…didn’t get as much done on the bike as I would have liked though today. I’m pretty good at talking to people.

Christmas in June


Christmas in June

so shiny!

My jacket, pants, skid plate and some other accessories all arrived today!

Picking up my jacket/pants in Point Roberts was a little extra sweet, as the border guy let me through without paying duty! 100$ saved into the gas money jar!
I’m now fully covered for riding gear, and just waiting on a couple more bits for the bike.

A couple steps closer…

Decided to ‘die’ my hair today


Decided to 'die' my hair today

Tough to take a photo of the back of your own head.

With my blooooooood. Cranked my head on some overhead cupboards when standing up. What does this have to do with motorcycles? I had just finished putting on my boots at the time. Close enough.
Small chunk of my head missing I’m told, skin-tear like. Nothing suture-able. Still a constant slow ooze of the red stuff 4 hours later. Blood is over-rated anyways. That’s what I tell my patients.

Couch surfers


doing some maintainance

I’ve had my second couch surfer pass through this week. This one on a motorcycle tour of his own. Heinrich from Germany, stopped in for a quick rip up the sea to sky highway and to hang out in Canada for a couple days. We went for a ride around Stanley park, and replaced his badly worn rear tire. Using the kickstand of my bike to break the bead really helped things along.


Henrich with his luggage. Pelican cases are quite nice.

Heinrich had some pretty nice gear and luggage. Pelican cases with easy-off mounts were nice. His recommendations: GPS is a must, and brings less clothes.      I’ve been enjoying hosting the couch surfers, and traded in the German for two Montrealers who arrived just as Heinrich rode off this morning.

I nearly flew to Idaho today

Late last night my Dad sent me a link of a KLR in Idaho that has low KM’s, all the mods I want done, and is only 4500$. Check it out here:


I almost flew to you, I would have treated you right too…

But it’s in Idaho. I looked at flights and importation requirements and documents all night, pending an impulsive flight this morning since I have a couple days off that I could put to use. In the end, after a lot of consideration: My time is worth more than money.

The email I wrote to my dad, more to get my thought’s out and clear on paper than anything:

“I have heartily considered this tonight, and have decided that my time is worth more than the cost savings of this bike.

and I’m not convinced there is that much savings all things considered.
I looked through all my maintenance records last night that came with my bike, and the engine was rebuilt and re-bored at 40000 km. About 10 000 km ago. Now the lower end has been rebuilt/replaced.
I already have several of the required mods:
front and rear suspension,
air filter
jet kit
bark busters (hand guards) (coming)
grip heaters (coming)
panier rack
panier boxes (albeit those are much nicer than mine)
So What am I getting?
-crash bars
-skid plate
other protection
-windshield upgrade
-fender stabilizer
-a newer bike with less stress applied on it
Cost of those needed items from happy trails: 645$ + shipping/duty
Cost of items (or equivalent) from A vicious cycle: 862$ + shipping
That difference, I have decided, is not worth my time, energy or effort. The importing process, while well defined, takes more than just the 3 days. It can take over a week once the bike is back into Canada before final approval is done, and I just don’t have the spare time. I’d rather hang out with my friends in the time I have left and prepare for the trip in other ways.”
Time is worth far more than money.