This is where we will write about the gear for our trip – it’s a work in progress so please bear with us.


Hein Gericke Ladies Boots

These are the only ladies boots Hein Gericke offer

These are the boots I am planning to wear for 35,000 kilometers. Cowhide and Gortex, guaranteed waterproof and windproof. It’s more difficult than I thought finding ladies motorbike gear!



2000 Kawasaki KLR 650

Panniers: Ammo cans.

49000 km with top-end re-build at 40000km, due to a famous “doohicky” failure. (occured under previous owner).


-EM Cam chain tensioner bolt upgrade (aka doohicky)
-Supertrapp IDS2 race core exhaust (aka too loud)
-Progressive fork springs
-Aftermarket rear suspension (I’ll check make/model)
-16 tooth front sprocket
-Swapped out lower end for 1996+ due to worn countershaft bearing. (not really upgrade, more sideways-grade)
-Amazing paint job. The previous owner had someone back into his bike, denting the gas tank. It was cheaper to get custom paint than to buy replacement stock decals.


Currently have two steel Ammo cans for side panniers. See above photo. above.

June 5th: Picked up a Givi top box. The E52, has a 52L capacity, enough for 2 full face helmets apparently. Don’t know that I’ll use it for that. But we’ll see. I like that it attaches solidly, but removes easily. At least it will once I bolt it on.


Phil’s Sidi Discovery boots

Picked up some boots off the classifieds on Shipped quick and I got a nice pair of Olympia gloves thrown in for 10$. Total with shipping was about 220$ish. They normally retail for about 350$. So far they are comfortable, but I  need to get some better insoles as the original owner took them out, so I’m using some old ski boot insoles.


Garmin Nuvi 550. Waterproof, shock resistant, with luck: Phil resistant. I’ve used it on a couple trips both via car and bike and it works well. On the bike I attach it by suction cup to the windscreen. (photo once I buy a new camera)


TBA. I just lost my Olympus 770sw at Sasquatch festival. Had it for the past 6 years or so. That was one durable camera.


Tourmaster Transition 3 Jacket. Size: Large/Tall

Comfortable, and way less flapping in the wind than my previous oversized leather Jacket. Wondering if I should have gone with the medium instead of the large, but otherwise so far I’m impressed!

Tourmaster Flex Pants. size: Medium/Tall

The pants are certainly hot as hell with all the layers in, so if we encounter cold weather, I’ll be just fine below the Waist.

Extra strong gear


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